My Story

I was weeping on the staircase, lost, stuck, lonely and desperate. 

My 31-year marriage had fallen apart.

“I am a coach myself.  I know how to change people’s lives.  Why am I feeling so much pain?” I thought to myself.

I remember feeling so frustrated and angry that I couldn’t control the way I felt.

What was happening to me?

The only way I can describe it is that it felt like someone had ripped off my right arm, thrown me in a field and told me to find my way back.

I had never before felt such fear, hurt, loneliness, and, dare I say it, rejection, in my life.

How on earth could I cope on my own?  It seemed incomprehensible.

It was the toughest time ever.

I went to see Marjorie, an amazing lady, who started to coach me!

Yes, it turns out, a coach needs a coach too!

I really needed her during this time!  I was living in fear, frightened of a future without my significant other. 

Marjorie, being a woman of wisdom, told me that the Universe had plans for me, and that I had another purpose.

That day I remember thinking, “Why can’t I have a purpose and a marriage; that would be good enough for me.”

Well, the very next day after this session…

I had a meeting with someone who had heard about me and the work I had been doing locally.

A very reputable international company wanted to hire me!

They wanted me to roll out something that I was extremely passionate about across the country!

I was elated.

This was everything I ever dreamed of.

Finally, I felt that I was in the hands of the Universe and that I was being looked after.

This tough journey was happening for a reason.

I may have lost my marriage, but I had gained something so much bigger.

The ability to help more people, on a wider scale.

The role involved me working in Education and delivering a programme that is very beneficial to our education system, called Creating Balance.

I continued to work with my coach, so that I could quickly get to the root of how I was feeling, the root-cause why, and be able to manage it effectively.

Marjorie identified that I was feeling shame. The emotions that come flooding from that were unbelievable…

I was feeling the shame from my marriage break-up that I had felt from my parents’ break-up when I was 10 years’ old.

Suddenly, everything seemed to be changing and more and more people were telling me that I had inspired them.

Deep down, I didn’t actually believe this encouraging feedback for a long time.

How can I be inspirational when I felt such a failure?

I tried to hide behind my knowledge and expertise but soon realised that by being true to me I could authentically teach my material.

People started contacting me from across the globe; clients who had come on my programme were sharing their stories of how it had helped them.

I knew that I wanted to get this programme across the globe, and make a decent living.

Being self-employed and independent had its challenges, and financial pressures were catching up.

And now that I have my 3 gorgeous grandchildren, I knew that I wanted a healthy balance of spending time with them whilst also making a difference across the globe and having financial security.

I had been coaching people for over 20 years, and changing lives; but not quite reaching the people I wanted to reach…

After months of seeking and searching, and after months of trying to create websites on the cheap and seek help from family and friends, I knew I had to do something    different…

I spotted an advert on Facebook that completely ticked every box for me and decided to explore further. The person behind that ad, Lewis Raymond Taylor, became my new coach.

Since then, we’ve been working hard to push my message out to a wider audience and connect with the people that I know for certain I can help transform, on such a profound level.

I now support professionals, including teachers and social workers, as well as people with Mental Health conditions that include anxiety and depression.

All of this has been hard to create for you.


Putting myself out there for potential rejection is not a comfortable feeling.

However, rejection is protection, and sometimes things not going to plan is a wonderful stroke of luck – guiding you to your true purpose.

That same elation that I felt when I was able to help more people on a wider scale from the opportunity I got after my marriage breaking down?

It’s happening again…

Today, I launch my new website, branding, online programme and new 1:2:1 coaching programme on an online platform, which gives me the opportunity to reach people far and wide!

It would mean the world if you could check it out.

To celebrate this launch, I am offering 10 people only a complimentary discovery session.

During this session we will create a crystal-clear vision of your future, uncover any hidden obstacles that could be sabotaging your results, and you’ll leave the session feeling renewed, re-energised and ready to start taking action in your life.

The link to schedule this session is in the first comment of this post.

This won’t cost you anything but your time.

If we look like we could be a good fit to work with each other, this may be something we can discuss moving forward.

If not, as long as I stop more people feeling: lost, stuck, lonely and desperate…

I already have all the payment I need.

It’s the best feeling ever knowing that I can prevent people from feeling the way I once did.

And… It’s a great feeling going after a vision, pushing past fear, and living independently, happy, and healthy, with the love of my family and friends.

Thank you so much for reading.

Candice Wilson

Life Transformation Coach

I am passionate about Personal Development and enabling people to become the best version of themselves. I have studied Corporate & Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Systemic Family therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Detox and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and have worked with thousands of people through coaching, training, family support etc, most of my experience is in education where I work with families, children and teenagers, teachers and head teachers.

I use the above training and experience to offer a holistic package to you.  The coaching helps you to move forward and Silent Counselling is an extremely effective tool to help release very quickly the root cause reason of what is holding you back in life.   My vision is to give you the best tools that I can to enable you to help yourself.

My Mission

My Mission is to get you from feeling exhausted, burnt out, defeated, overwhelmed etc to a place where you feel that fire within to get you back to passion and inspiration that you had when you decided to get into the profession, with the wisdom and insight of your experience.

My Passion

My passion was and still is about supporting families, however on my journey I have recognised the impact that teachers have on a child. A great teacher is life changing for a child and my passion now is to turn teachers from feeling burnt out,  back to the fantastic teachers they were at the start of their journey, with the wisdom of their experience.

I help people by holistically working alongside them in a coaching capacity to transform their lives.  Giving them the tools and strategies to empower them to help themselves.

Integrity, transparency, empathy and honesty are important values of mine.   I am non- judgemental and approachable and I’m often described as someone who “is like being around and amazing friend who just “gets it” and has lots of wisdom”. It is important to me that clients feel very comfortable and at ease when I am coaching with them.

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